The Golden Day review

The Golden Day

The Golden Day
Pages: 160
ISBN: 0763667234
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Read this at 3am in a fever with a sick baby in my arms, which may be the perfect conditions for steeping in this strange haunting tale. I love Dubosarsky's Sydney, the way that looking at the city from the water gives you a different perspective, as though you are momentarily stepping outside of time and space. I found Cubby extremely identifiable. To me this novel is about the things that happen to you as a child that you never quite believe in, and how you take the child that you were (and all the mysteries surrounding sex and death and the way the child constructs herself around those mysteries) into adulthood with you. A very psychoanalytical novel which arouses a questioning state in the reader. I love that Ursula writes such novels that deal in questions rather than answers, so ultimately meaning-making is invested in the reader. Not everyone will enjoy this novel because not everyone reads for the same reasons, but people who love The Golden Day will carry it inside them forever.

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