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The Golden Day

The Golden Day
Pages: 160
ISBN: 0763667234
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Just... incredible.

There is so much that will stick with the readers, and this should be read with the coming-of-age Greats like "to kill a mockingbird", "the catcher in the rye", "a separate peace", S.E. Hinton's "the outsiders", "the virgin suicides", "never let me go" by ishiguro, and "a tree grows in Brooklyn." each of these books bring something unique to all our experiences with youth, and they all deserve to be read in one's lifetime.

"The Golden Day" could be placed on any shelf and be a success: the YA, or possibly the Y, and certainly as a novella in the adult fiction section. This is a literary achievement that any adult can enjoy and respect if they find value in ambiguity, more questions raised than answers, and subtly. It's a haunting, beautifully dark read, written in a way that is deceivingly simplistic. I absolutely recommend it more for the 18+ adult demographic if only because I think so much will be misunderstood or totally lost on children. There is brilliant layering here, and you'll surely want to get a friend to read this brief-but-harrowing novel so you'll have someone to converse with!

Simply astounded that this little powerful book is completely off the radar and will likely have trouble finding it's proper audience. The novel's two big things working against it: (1) its size is will have certain readers judging that it is not "deep enough" or is not worth their time to read; (2) and the eleven-year-old girl protagonists will get this novel pigeon-holed in some people's minds as a "Teen book" or "children's book"... so, so wrong!

If you enjoy psychological examinations of innocence and death told in poetic and ethereal tales, Ursula Dubosarsky has crafted, in my mind, a thoughtful literary novel for any age. She excels at the art of storytelling, and this tale of eleven-year olds should never, ever be discounted as "just young literature."


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